Terms and Conditions

1.  - General information
2.  - Registration
3.  - Purchase
4.  Payment
5.-   Delivery
6. -  Receipt of the ordered products, replacement of articles
7.  - Warranty
8. -  The right to withdraw from purchase
9.  Secure use of the Webshop
10.- Protection of personal data
11. - Legal regulations and complaint management
12. -Withdraw from the purchase

1.General information

1.1. By placing your order, you (hereinafter: Buyer) become a customer of Shoebox Ltd. (hereinafter: SB) so let us ask you to carefully read the information below before finalizing your order.

1.2. If you purchase an item in SB's Webshop / officeshoescee.com / (hereinafter Webshop), the seller of these products is SB in each case.

1.3. SB official data: § Registered head office: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Nyár utca 4. § Tax number: 12318847-2-41 § Company registration number:01-09-665913 § Retail sale via mail order houses; Hungarian SIC code: 4791. § Name of representative: Suzana Szuromi § Registration number of data control: NAIH-64278/2013. § Phone number: +361 453 70 44 § E-mail: info@shoebox.hu

1.4 The Webshop shall fulfill the purchase requests of all persons with a capacity to act, provided that they accept the General Contract Conditions and consider them binding.

1.5 Although SB carefully monitors product prices in the Webshop, SB reserves the right to modify any wrong price indicated due to an obvious mistake, calculation, editorial and technical error as well as to change prices if such changes are justified by a modification of the pertinent legal regulations. SB cannot assume liability for obviously wrong prices indicated due to a potential technical problem related to the operation of the Webshop. SB reserves the right to seize the trade of certain products due to quality or other problems. The webhosting service for the webshop provided by: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V.

  • § Registered head office: The Netherlands, 1101 EC Amsterdam, Luttenbergweg 8.
  • § Company registration number:
  • § E-mail address: abuse@leaseweb.com
  • § Phone number: +31 20 316 2880

2. Registration

2.1 Placing an order in the Webshop does not require registration, the data necessary for payment/delivery need to be provided at the end of the purchasing process.

3. Purchase

3.1 Buyers may only place orders in the Webshop electronically. SB cannot accept orders placed via phone, fax, e-mail or mail. SB shall also inform Buyers regarding the orders electronically.

3.2 Buyers can access the features of the items to be purchased in the product description located next to the picture of the given product.

3.3 The price of the products is indicated next to the selected product, which includes the VAT and it always refers to 1 item (a pair) of products. If you have further questions regarding the products, please contact our customer service for details. Customer service contact:ugyfelszolgalat@officeshoes.hu

3.4 Buyers can collect the selected product(s) by clicking on the Cart button. The content of the Cart can only be modified and/or deleted before the order is placed. The delivery fee is automatically added to the content of the Cart.

3.5 The content of the Cart shall be finalized and thus the placement of the order shall be done by clicking on the Order button. The order thus created shall be considered as an online contract created but not signed, and its content shall be archived and be accessible, retrievable posteriorly.

3.6 SB shall send a confirmation e-mail to Buyer regarding the receipt of the order. In lack of stock, SB may not be able to fulfill the order. In such cases, SB shall inform the Buyer.

3.7 SB shall issue a bill including the VAT for each purchase, which shall also include product data (item number; VAT factor; VAT amount; name of product; net price; amount of products; gross price; and, if applies, the warranty period; SB's and Buyer's data, payment data and cost of delivery.

3.8 SB cannot assume liability for technical issues of the webshop (regarding the size, stock or the price of the items).

3.9 The language of the contract is english.

3.10 The services helping to identify and solve potential problems due to online data processing, and the services helping to accomplish the contract before the purchase are part of the webshop software.

3.11 The contract made online through the webshop shall only be valid, when it is accessible for the other party (SB) aswell.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment by bank card (Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard, Maestro) Shopping in our web shop is comfortable and secure through payment by bank card. After ordering the selected products we direct you to the website of the K & H Bank where you can pay with your bank card through an encrypted transaction that is currently considered the safest. The customer only has to click on the “payment by bank card” button when choosing the payment method, and then they have to type in the card number and the expiration date of their bank card on the K&H Bank payment server. K&H Bank accepts VISA Classic, VISA Electron and Eurocard/MasterCard type bank cards. Bank cards authorized only for electronic transactions are only accepted if the usage of the card is authorized for this purpose by the issuing bank for that card. Please inquire at your bank whether your card can be used for internet shopping. K&H Bank will issue an authorization number for the transaction. The customer should write the number down, or print out the whole page. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, K&H Bank will send an error message and the cause of the error.

4.2 Security of personal data, data protection Protection of your personal data is a priority for SB and its partners. Collecting and processing of personal data necessary for identification during the usage of our website complies with the data protection standards in force in Hungary (Law LXIII. 1992).Your data will be handled confidentially; your data will not be given out to any third parties, unless it is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract (e.g.: billing, shipping, courier service).



5. Delivery

5.1 Products ordered in the Webshop shall be delivered to Buyer by the Hungarian Post parcel delivery service. The fee of parcel delivery (delivery cost) shall be covered by Buyer.

5.2 The shipping cost throughout Hungary per orders: The shipping cost of 2-5 business days shipping is 990 Ft gross. (Shipping cost: 779,53 Ft + VAT) SB only ships to Hungary.

5.3 If the order contains multiple items, the items may be delivered in multiple phases. In such cases, SB shall only bill the delivery cost once.


6. Receipt of the ordered products, replacement of articles

6.1 Products are delivered personally, to the address given, between 9.00 and 17.00 on working days. If the parcel is not taken over, the courier leaves a note about it, then makes another attempt to deliver the parcel at another time. We always forward all information about the conditions of delivery and other circumstances indicated by Buyer in the comments section, but we cannot verify whether the courier considers them.

6.2 If the second delivery attempt fails as well, and it is due to Buyer's fault, the costs of the next delivery shall be borne by Buyer.

6.3 If the ordered product is faulty and the fault was generated before takeover or if the product was damaged during delivery, Buyer shall notify SB's customer service accordingly at ugyfelszolgalat@officeshoes.hu, within 5 working days after takeover. If such a case occurs, SB either replaces within 14 working days the faulty product free of charge or gives a discount on its price, as Buyer requires.

6.4 If the size of the ordered item is not appropriate (size replacement) Buyer shall notify SB's customer service accordingly at ugyfelszolgalat@officeshoes.hu, within 24 hours after takeover, indicating the required new size. If such an event occurs, SB shall replace the given product within 14 working days. The costs of sending the product back shall be borne by Buyer, besides replacement doesn’t require any other fee.

6.5.In case of complete delivery, Buyer shall sign the acknowledgement of receipt. Subsequent to that, we cannot accept any complaints regarding incomplete delivery.

6.6 Buyer shall not take over the parcel without a bill, if the bill is missing from the parcel, Buyer shall immediately contact customer service. The necessary form can be downloaded from the link below: Customer Complaint Form [doc], [pdf]


7. Right to withdraw from purchase

7.1 Within 14 days after the ordered products are received, Buyers have the right to withdraw their intention to purchase. (The date of receipt is the date of taking the product over from the courier. This can be proven by the receipt received from the courier.) Buyers shall inform the customer service about such intentions in writing (via e-mail) and shall send the delivered product back to SB's address along with the document below. In such cases, SB shall reimburse the amount paid for the product to the bank account number indicated on the document, within 14 days after withdrawal or the return of the product at the latest. Reimbursement does not include delivery costs, and the costs of returning the ordered product shall also be borne by Buyers.


7.2 SB shall only reimburse the complete price to Buyer if the product is undamaged and its packaging is complete. Damages arising from damaged packaging or improper use of the product shall be borne by Buyers. If Buyer has already used the product and cannot return it in an undamaged condition, SB shall not reimburse the price of the product. The necessary form can be downloaded from the link below: Form to withdraw from purchase [doc], [pdf]

8. Warranty

8.1 Depending on the particular product types, SB ensures a warranty period for the products sold through the Webshop, in compliance with the valid legal regulations. Any warranty period or guarantee varying from the above as well as its period are indicated next to the particular product. The original or file copy of the bill and the original copy of the warranty card are required for enforcing the warranty. Complaints shall be managed by the customer service of the Distributor (Shoebox Ltd.) during the entire warranty period. The independent expert opinion required during the first 6 months of the warranty period shall be provided by Distributor, while in the remaining 18 months Buyers can turn to the fair trading authorities, and use the protocol of the justified complaint to enforce their warranty claims.


The necessary form can be downloaded from the link below: Customer Complaint Form [doc], [pdf]

9. Secure use of the Webshop

9.1 Shopping in the Webshop means that Buyer knows and accepts the opportunities and restrictions of the Internet with special regard to technical performance and arising errors. Buyers shall have full liability for any orders or other transactions during which their data were used. Considering the above, we ask you to make sure that your data are controlled properly.

9.2 SB shall not be liable for any of the errors detailed in the paragraphs below: § Internet network operation error hindering the seamless operation of the Webshop, or shopping in the Webshop, § any error in any transmission device in the communication lines, § loss of any letters - regardless whether they were received in paper or electronic format - and especially the loss of any data, § improper operation of any software, § the consequences of any programme malfunction, abnormal event, or technical error.

9.3 SB shall not be made liable for any force majeure cases, or any events beyond its control.

9.4 SB shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by logging in the Webshop, regardless of the reason.

9.5 Buyers shall be responsible for assessing how to best protect their data stored on their computers from intruders. Buyers shall be solely responsible for logging in the Webshop and their purchases in the Webshop.

9.6 SB may freely and at any time modify the conditions and rules of purchase as well as the offers and special offers of the Webshop. Modifications shall become valid as of the date of their announcement in the Webshop, therefore they may not impact orders placed before such date. Regarding the implementation of such modifications, SB has no sales or any further explanation liabilities other than the above. Any participants who disagree with the modification of the rules must abandon purchase.

9.7 SB can freely report to the police any person committing or attempting to commit a fraud in the Webshop.

9.8 SB shall not be made liable for any fraud committed by any third party at the expense of any participant. If a participant breaches the regulations in any form, SB shall annul their registration and purchase, and the Buyer shall not have the right to appeal the decision.

9.9 SB shall not assume any form of liability for erroneous performance arising from wrong data provided during the purchase process.


10. Protection of personal data

10.1 SB shall handle all received data confidentially, and use them exclusively for completing orders and purposes related to purchase.

10.2 Buyers' data shall not be disclosed to any third party except for the (logistics) subcontractors needed for completing the order.

10.3 We conduct our data management processes in full compliance with the provisions of Act 63 of 1992, the Data Protection Act. You can find more details about the personal data protection by clicking on the following link:Privacy Policy >> 

10.4 By their purchase, (registration) Buyers approve of Webshop operator SB (address: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Nyár utca 4.), to manage their personal data in order to complete the orders placed in the Webshop, or, if the registered user so requires, in order to inform the registered user about SB's products or special offers in the form of a newsletter.

10.5 Data provision is voluntary. Buyers' data are processed by SB. If you do not allow your data to be used in the future, please notify us accordingly at the addresses below: Shoebox Ltd., 2142 Nagytarcsa, Nyár utca 4. or dataprotection@officeshoes.hu. You can read the detailed Privacy Policy document by clicking on the following link: Privacy Policy >>

11. Legal regulations and complaint management

11.1 The consumer protection release of the National Fair Trading Authority regarding online purchases is available at: (https://www.nfh.hu/en)

11.2. Consumer complaints are handled in writing at ugyfelszolgalat@officeshoes.hu and by phone at +361 453 70 44

11.3 If Buyers believe that SB failed to handle their complaint properly, they can turn to the regional office of the National Fair Trading Authority.

12. If Buyer would like to withdraw from the purchase, then Buyer shall send the delivered product in its original package back to SB's address along with the document below. Buyer can inform about the rules and conditions of withdrawal at point 8. Post address: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Nyár utca 4. The necessary form can be downloaded from the link below: Form to withdraw from purchase [doc], [pdf]



Promotion rules:


  • 1. The promotion is taking place in physical stores and also online, on our website www.officeshoes.hu during the period 12-14.05.2017.
  • 2. The promotion includes all brands except Birkenstock.
  • 3. When buying two pairs of shoes, the costumer will benefit of 40% discount for the product with a lower value.
  • 4. When ordering, the discount will be automatically applied in cart, on our website www.officeshoes.hu
  • 5. The promotion is valid along with the rest of the available offers.
  • 6. If you want to return the product bought to full price and to request a refund, will be remembered 40% discount applied to the second product from the order. In case you want full refund, you will have to return both products from your order.
  • 7. If you want to profit/take advantage of the discount for more products than two(for example for two of four products), you have to place them in different orders. Otherwise, the discount will be applied for only one product, regardless of the number of items in your order.
  • 8. By placing an order and by participating in this promotion you agree with imposed terms on our website: www.officeshoes.hu
  • 9. For any request about promotion, please send us an e-mail on ugyfelszolgalat@officeshoes.hu

If your order benefits of „Crazy Weekend” compaign/promotion, the dicount will be applied to the product with a lower value. If you want to return the product purchased to full price, the 40% discount of the second product will be retained, or you can return all the products of your order so you can recover the total amount.