Anonymous user ID (cookie) placement and web-index (“web beacon”) policy

For SHOEBOX Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered office: 1033 Budapest, Szőlőkert utca 9., hereinafter as: Operator) a particularly important goal is to protect the personal data provided by visitors (hereinafter: Users) of the website (hereinafter as: Website) which is operated by Operator, ensuring the Users’ right of informational self-determination, which is provided by the Data Protection Rules of Operator.
Operator, like many other companies, uses cookies on the Website. This Policy contains information about creating "cookies" and "web beacons" while using the Website.
1. Cookies
The Website uses anonymous user IDs, so called cookies, in order to ensure the use of the Website, the integrity of making the order and registration procedure and to establish personalized services and content that is relevant to the User's interest. The cookie is a small amount of data (a unique text information file) which is recorded in the browser (computer) of the User and which is read by that internet server which has placed it. The cookie works as a personal identifier which records the preferences of the User and the data provided earlier. A cookie usually contains the name of the website where the cookie is originated, the „lifespan” of the cookie (how long it stays on the User’s device) and the value which is usually a random generated individual number. By using cookies the data provided by User earlier can be restored at the next visit of the Website, therefore the browsing time of the User is reduced and the use of the Website is simplified. The cookies are places at the User’s computer individually and they are readable only by that internet server which has placed them.
The description of the applied cookies:


Essential to the site function


Cookie name Cookie function


Checks if visitors clicked on OK for cookie bar.


User details entered on previous order


session cookie; general cookie for user data; such as session id


Shows list of last viewed models to visitors


Allows the registered customer to remain logged into the ‘My Account’ area


Checks if popup banner was shown to users previously

Third party cookies


Cookie name Cookie function


SMART SUPP CHAT  -  Chat with customer support


EMARSYS - Displays OFFICE SHOES products similar to those customers have recently viewed on the OFFICE SHOES site and in newsletter campaigns

 _ga; _gid

GOOGLE ANALYTICS - site analytics to gather user information to improve the customer experience

 tsm tu; u; uu;

RTB HOUSE - Displays OFFICE SHOES products similar to those customers have recently viewed on the OFFICE SHOES site; in newsletter campaigns and in ad banners on participating websites.

 TestIfCookieP; csync; pid;

SMART SUPP CHAT - Colect users behavior on site to help offer better customer support


CDN for images


FACEBOOK  - pixel used for targeting and remarketing and tracking users from Facebook campaigns

 IDE; test_cookie

GOOGLE DOUBLECLICK - Displays OFFICE SHOES products similar to those customers have recently viewed on the OFFICE SHOES site; in newsletter campaigns and in ad banners on participating websites.

 Cookie-k élettartama (törlés időpontja):
Essential to site function  
Cookie name Cookie duration
cookies_agree_bar 7 days
identity 2 yrs
ofcsess 48 hours
poslednjimodeli 4 yrs
remember_code 2 yrs
time_open_3 1 yr
Third party cookies  
Cookie name Cookie duration
 ssupp.* 180 days
 scarab.* 1 yr
 _ga; _gid 2 yrs
 tsm tu; u; uu; 2 hours
TestIfCookieP; csync; pid; 1 yr
__cfduid 1 yr
fr 180 days
IDE; test_cookie 2 yrs

 2. Web beacons
Web-indexes (web beacons) are used to deliver cookies and to create statistic regarding the Website: i.e. the number of visitors of a certain page or the number of clicks on a certain link.

3. General information
User consents to the use of the cookies at the first visit of the Website with its express declaration by pushing (clicking) „Agree” in the pop-up window.
User may set its browser to not to support cookies. If User does so, certain useful features of the Website are not available.

3.1. Blocking cookies
The User has the possibility to set the cookies’ preferences in each internet browser. Most of the browsers allow cookies by default. These default settings can be changed in order to block cookies or to warn the User about using the cookies. It is important that certain services of the Website depend on acceptance of the cookies; therefore if they are blocked User can experience the unexpected interruption on the Website, in a worst case the services of the Website can become unavailable.

3.2. Clearing cookies

If the User intends to delete the cookies from the Website or does not intend to use them, he can do so by finding the  possible solution in the help menu of the browser. Please note that in case of blocking cookies certain parts or the whole operation of the Website may become unavailable.

Operator holds the right to modify or update this Policy in the future without any prior notification. The last update can be seen at the bottom of this Policy. Operator recommends Users to check this Policy from time to time in order to stay informed about the steps Operator undertakes in order to protect their personal data and to exercise their right for informational self-determination.
Budapest, 24 of May 2018