FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

• What delivery costs should I expect?

In case of delivery within 3-7 working days, delivery is free of charge in the entire area of Hungary. If you choose our Express (fast delivery) service, we can deliver orders received before 13.00 on the next day. Express orders received after 13.00 can only be processed along with the Express orders of the next day, so they will be delivered on the subsequent day. The fee of the Express service is 1270 HUF.

• When do I receive the ordered product?

We usually deliver orders within 3-7 working days after the order is placed. However, delivery time is not guaranteed, it may take longer in certain cases. The package delivery service first sends an e-mail to the buyer with the registration number of the package, which enables the buyer to easily monitor the status of the package. On the day of delivery, the service notifies the buyers in an SMS in the hours before delivery.

• I can't tell a time when I am sure I will be at home. What shall I do?

You can get your order delivered to your workplace as well. If you can only receive the courier at your workplace, don't hesitate to provide your work address.

• The price of the product changed between order and delivery. Which price do I have to pay?

We always bill each product at the price valid at the time of order.

• Can I pay the courier by school enrolment or other type of coupons?

In the Webshop, you can only use the discounts with the coupon codes issued by officeshoes.hu upon your order. You cannot use any other coupons / vouchers when you take over the product.

• I ordered the wrong model / size by accident. What shall I do?

Inform us as soon as possible, within 24 hours! Please fill in the necessary forms, explain your complaint exactly; then send them to ugyfelszolgalat@officeshoes.hu. Please provide as many data as you can (name, address, order and article number) indicate the new, required size or your complaint. We will replace the product within 8 days.
You can find the form for requesting a replacement package or filing a complaint here:
Customer Complaint Form [doc], [pdf]

• I have some more questions, where can I get answers?

Please find Contacts at the bottom of the page, you can send a message to us and you can find all of our availabilities there.
We hope we could answer all your questions and we can soon welcome you as a satisfied customer.